Solidworks interferes with Rhino and other matteres


I have just started Rhino 5 and have these issues:

  1. I had finished a small project and saved it. Then I pulled it up again by clicking on the file instead of loading it thru Rhino… then Solidworks edrawing seized it and loaded it. I closed out and reloaded the file thru Rhino… but the file was now altered… the object was no longer fully within the grid as before but sticking out into white space above the grid. Any ideas on how to stop edraw from seizing the files??? can I get Rhino to put the object back on the grid???

  2. How do I take a screen shot and load it to send to this forum as others do?

  3. In Rhino I find no place to click to close a file??? How do I close a file and not exit Rhino?

  1. and most puzzeling. I had two parallel lines 9mm apart. I did a mirror image of the object… then noticed the lines on the mirror side were only 8.94mm apart… how does this happen?? Used a laser cutter on plexiglass and measured that with a caliper… the difference showed there also??

Thanks Vera (VeAnn)

1-a. In explorer, right click on a rhino file and go to Properties. In the General tab, it should say something like “Opens with: edraw” with a Change button to the right. Here you can assign Rhino to be the opening program.

1-b. Put the object back on the grid: I don’t really see where you are but that should be just a simple matter of selecting the object and moving it where you want.

2. Save your screen shot (Print Screen button and paste into a bitmap program - “Paint” if you don’t have anything else) to disk. If you only want to post a Rhino viewport you can save that directly to file from the viewport dropdown. Next, in Discourse, when you are writing your post you have a line with icons at the top of your message. Click on the black cloud with the white arrow and browse for your file. Alternatively, you can drag and drop from explorer.

3. You don’t :smile: Either you’re done for the day and you exit Rhino or you load a new existing file or create an entirely new one.

4. That does sound puzzling, yes. You’ll have to try and recreate that issue and send a file in the “before-mirror” state and send that here so that others can reproduce that behavior.


Hi, Thank you very much for responding. I was able to
put the image back on the grid. But when I rt click on the Rhino it gives
no choices to “open with
“. I checked all the tabs. I have attached the
two files that had the measurement difference—clearly it’s a guitar head
design… if you measure the outer edge midway across to where the inner oval
begins you will see it is different between the two sides—the distance between
the two triangles that is. I hope this is clear. thanks
before mirror process image.3dm (36.8 KB)

After mirror file.3dm (63.8 KB)

PS I did the mirror command using a central origin axis.

Continuing… anytime I save a Rhino file as a dxf file, then the
solidworks edraw automatically seizes the file and puts its icon on it and
alters the grid. I can’t even load it thru Rhino… Solidworks and Rhino

Maybe I’m missing something, but in both files, the distance between those lines is 8.45mm. I measured by turning on near and perp osnaps, calling the Distance command, picking on one line with “near”, and picking on the other with “perp”

Hi veann - the oval ‘slots’ do not have parallel sides- they are at 2 degree angle- I’m not sure where you are measuring for parallelness but what I see is the outer edge of the slot is consistent on both sides to the outer edge of the part.


ok, thanks guy with the oval observation… let me go look where the issue
is in my measuring…Vera any thoughts of solidworks edraw not grabbing rhino files… I am not even

Hi Vera,

I’m not sure what you mean by “on the Rhino”.
I was referring to right clicking on a Rhino *.3dm file (but also a *.dxf file) [so NOT the exe file], and going to properties at the bottom of the list. That should give you something like the following (this one is for a *.txt document):

But you could also right click on the file, click on Open with, and click on Choose default program…:

And if all else fails:

Alright! that fixed the solidworks seizing the files and altering it…
thanks so much! VeAnn