Solids and Lines Intersecting with Surfaces


This may be the wrong question, but i am trying to get a solid to intersect with an existing curved surface.

In these scenario, I want to be able to place curves that match the intersection of the solid cube, with the green curved surface intersection .

See the small sidebar with the desired red curves.

I need to create some structures that will fit inside the existing surfaces, imported from an IGES file.

Many Thanks for any suggestions in advance



If it’s just the intersection curves you want, you can use the Intersect command between the solid box and the surfaces. If the surfaces are not joined, it might be better to use the Intersect2Sets command, using the box as one set and the other surfaces as the other set - that way you will avoid getting the intersections between the set of surfaces themselves, you will just have the intersections between the box and the surface set.

If you are trying to trim off the surfaces with the box, the best would be to use Split and split the surfaces with the box, then delete the parts of the surfaces you don’t want.

I don’t know if this answers your question?



Thanks for those suggestions Mitch. They are two I didnt know about, and sound very appropriate. i will try them out in the next few days, and report back.

Many Thanks



Yaaay - after I converted the Meshes to PolySurfaces, then joined them all together, I then intersected them with surfaces, then using Intersect2Sets, it created curves at the joining areas…

Thanks for that Mr H