SolidPtOn with trimmed planar surfaces

SolidPtOn doesn’t seem to be working that well on trimmed planar surfaces - in areas with tangent edges, the solid editing points don’t show up as expected… See image/file… Thx, --Mitch

SolidPtOnProblem.3dm (292.5 KB)


Yep, got that, thanks Mitch.


Yes! +1

Dang I didn’t know about this command until now.

It’s not very well documented in the help file, does it allow one to modify the trim curves directly?

Yes, could be very good and useful to be able to change, interact, with trim crvs directly.
This can help in handling changes of imported geometry with corrupted trim crvs.

Partially. You cannot edit them as you can with normal curves in the sense that all SolidPtOn shows are the “joints” in the curves, not the entire set of control points. It works best right now with linear edges…