SolidPt - interesting artefact

I was editing a form, moving some points on a solid model and noted a strange artefact.

I can see why it’s happened, I think - due to the surface I’ve deformed not having being split into 8 sections.

SolidPT.3dm (162.4 KB)

That’s due to the edit producing a non planar result. If you use SplitFace on the top surface first as shown, you can make the edit as I think you intended.

SolidPT_bjames.3dm (412.0 KB)

SolidPtOn is essentially the same thing as sub-object modeling which is best used for linear/planar edits in my opinion.

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Hi Brian,

It was just a surprise that it created that single surface and didn’t split it when I moved the points, but I guess it doesn’t add information unless it’s specifically told to do so.