Solid Union won't join a hemispheral BRep and an intersecting box

What could be wrong? Help please. I am a beginner.
stupa (6.9 KB)

It does work. You need to connect both the half sphere and the box to the Solid union component.

Hi, Siemen, thank you for your answer. I did exactly that and it didn’t work on my computer. Can you try it on your computer and see it it works there? Technically it should work (I think), but it’s not working.

it works…

the sphere and the box :

solid Difference:

solid Union:

I already tried and it works.
Hold shift when you connect the second wire to the Solid union component.

Thanks, Siemen. I didn’t know that. Self learning beginner problems!

Thanks Jeff. You guys helped.

there are some other components that work this way… Loft being one of them.

it’s because there isn’t a set number of inputs required for the operation to work… for example, you can Union 2 objects… or 3 or 4 etc.