Solid Union Two Lists of Breps Together

I am trying to union one list of breps to another (ie. item 1 with item 1, item 2 with item 2, etc), but in order to use Solid Union, I have to merge the two lists together, and the output is just all the breps in list 1 unioned together with each other instead of with the items in the next list. When I go through the list from the Merge with List Item, the breps appear together in the order I want them to be unioned… How might I go about achieving this?

parameterized arch.3dm (2.6 MB)
parameterized (99.5 KB)

Please post your file. It’ll be easier to help you.


parameterized (96.9 KB)

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Thank you for working on this problem, but I am having an issue with the Solid Union, not the Solid Difference. I am trying to combine each diamond with the block directly below it.

I have determined the solution. If you are experiencing a similar issue, let me know and I shall share