Solid Union problem with Breps

Dear experts,

I´m experiencing the “Boolean Union set is empty” problem again with different input values… For example, everything works fine for “Body Center Radius” slider values of 0.21, 0.18, or 0.15 in this simplified test file: (21.2 KB). However, for 0.20, 0.19, 0.17, or 0.16 values the Solid Union components dump “Boolean Union set is empty” error. Why Boolean operations are so unstable in GH?

I need a solution that works for ALL reasonable “Body Center Radius” values. Any ideas? Thanks!!

PS: Some time ago I solved a similar problem using @Jakinta workaround:
Solid union problem: "1. Boolean Union set is empty." In fact, it has to be used here again to obtain at least partial results.