Solid union odd result

Hello, if this question has already been answered elsewhere I apologize. I have an issue when trying to combine geometry into one closed BREP, where it appears that the solid union tool misses some of the geometry (it only has one “leg” of the V shape, rather than both). I am trying to create V shaped features that match the look of the output from the “rotate” box in the red group. The V shaped BREP would then be cut into a solid body similar to the attached screen shot.
both features
solid union output

Solid union (27.5 KB)

Thank you

I find the start of your definition with the arcs and the sweep a bit too complicated. The two parts you created do not intersect nicely which causes the solid union to fail.

Could you live with a piped curve with round ends?

Also I don’t understand why you create an intersection of the simple V shaped object with a box… It doesn’t seem necessary.

Solid (39.4 KB)

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That is exactly what I was trying to do, thank you so much! The only reason why I used arcs was because I actually have to places roughly 50,000 of these features, and was told that breaking things down to their most basic steps would reduce computation time. Again, thank you!

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