Solid Union mistake

Hi guys

during last weeks, sometimes when i use[solid union|attachment]solid union i have a problem, solid union tell me “boolean union set is empty” but 've checked my geometries and are ok.
i don’t find the problem

definition is attached
solid union (427.1 KB)
many thanks


On rhino (and so grasshopper) it is always advisable to avoid solid booleans with congruent surfaces.
Your breps have some surfaces exactly overlapped.
Even on rhino doing a boolean union with those breps will take more time than expected.

Usually it is best to use intersecting breps/polysurfaces in solid boolean operations.

In your specific case you can just remove the faces and use the open loft (without caps) as this:
solid union (428.6 KB)

Also, you might do shrink your surfaces sometime…
… possible also on grasshopper through c# Shrink trimmed Surface in Grasshopper

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many thanks