Solid Union in tutorial file deletes surface


I’m a CAD newbie, working my way through the Rhino tutorials using Rhino OSX. On Page 195 of the Tutorial Level 1, I tried to join the base and housing surfaces as instructed, but when I do so, it deletes the housing surface completely.

I deleted the internally protruding section of the base using Trim, but it didn’t help.

Any suggestions?? I’m stumped.


(Pascal Golay) #2

Hi Andrew- what exercise/step is this? (there are different editions with slightly different pagination)
Ah, ok,I got it - probably the car-door mirror thing … Did you ‘Join’ by BooleanUnion? If so, are you getting a little nub where the objects intersect? If that is the case, use the Dir command to make sure both objects’ surface normals (white arrows) are pointing outward, then BooleanUnion.

Alternatively, Boolean2Objects works well in cases like this if the normals do not match up.




Pascal thanks so much for such a speedy reply. I couldn’t see any nub, but I used the DIR command and did flip the arrow around on the neck of the base, and it worked! I feel great, thanks!