Solid Union and Prep Join

I know solid operations are painful almost in any software :slight_smile:
Cant find a way or reason why simple boxes will not join into one solid object?
I tried tolerance settings , but no effect ?

In most cases solid union just dense work, and if it does it supper slow… (102.7 KB)

In this case, the faces were not exactly overlapped, so your method won’t work.
Why don’t you just use Solid Unioninstead?

Strange it didn’t work before, could it be because I changed a tolerance?

Yep, just changed it to 0.01 and it doesn’t work…?

Need a small help combining multiple objects into one solid.
Current collections of objects are closed breps.

1.Rectangles (white and green) are just simple extrusions
2. Roads and pavement are projected onto surface and then I used loft and cap to create closed brep

All element in the same planes ( I don’t think they intersect )

Solid Union does not work. (498.6 KB)

In this case, IMHO, neither Rhino nor GH have any other options.
If possible, it would be best to select some parts in Rhino to execute solid union.
The geometries you choose should be Closed Brep and not have any naked edges.
It seems to me that there are many open poly-surfaces due to many naked edges on your road and block borders. It’ll be difficult if this part is not resolved.

Cheers Kim, will keep trying.