Solid Object but printing failed

I’m trying to print out this piece but it failed, and I have been told by the printing guy that the antenna are not connecting with the body part.

Screenshot (12)

And I don’t know how to fix it, since the antennas are both close solid objects and I BooleanUnion successfully with the body part. So the whole object has no naked edges and it’s a valid polysurface. (closed solid polysurface with 5064 surfaces)

Does anyone know where went wrong and how to fix it?
Thank you!

Hello - take a section through that area - or use ShowEdges > NonManifold to see if anythng lights up there, or just post the file.


Antenna.3dm (17.6 MB)

Here’s the file.

Hello - BooleanUnion your objects. (But … it seems a little crazy to use an object converted from a mesh for such a simple shape…)


Antenna BooleanUnion.3dm (17.5 MB)

Here’s the BooleanUnion file.

I converted the body part from mesh to Nurbs in the beginning, cause I only have the body part in STL file and I need to add the antennas.

Hello - yes, I just mean, with such a simple thing, might as well build it cleanly in Rhino. Your BooleanUnioned object should print OK, and here’s a simplified one -
Antenna_Simple.3dm (1.4 MB)


Thank you so much!

May I ask how did you extract the border from the body part?

Hello - I just made new curves.


Thank you :smile:
And how did you located the correct location for the bars at the bottom?

Hello - I made Circle> 3Points, snapping to the ends of the faces around the existing bars, then used the center of the circle as the start of a vertical line, then Pipe > Caps=Round on the line. All the parts are in the file I posted.


I see, Thank you!