Solid intersection

Hello all
I usually use Rhino at the beginning of my architectural design process to kinda map out the location of different functions in the 3d space and as you can imagine there’s always lots of relocating and modifications so the model that I come up with at the end is never clean, I mean most of the boxes intersect with one another or they don’t touch at all but it is impossible to observe that unless you zoom like crazy. what would be the process of solving a problem like this? do I have to remodel everything again from scratch? cause even in that way i can not use the model that I already have as a backdrop since my curves would snap to it and it would essentially be the same mass with all those imperfections.


I would try to use SetPt command in combination with subselecting faces ( with window selection on faces that should align)

Or turn on SolidPoints and select those to align with SetPt.

Does this make sense?

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It absolutely does, thank you very much

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