Solid intersection not working always

I am currently working on lattice structures, where I created a custom unit cell and expect the structure to be cylindrical. I used solid intersection to trim the structure to a cylinder. Whenever I have the radius of the cylinder to be a smaller value( for example 3mm), I get the lattice structure trimmed to the required shape. However, if the radius increases to a higher value, I only get the cylinder as the output, not
the trimmed lattice. Attached is the file for reference.
Prototype Mg (90.0 KB)

I haven’t dug into your clusters but I think what’s happening here when it fails is that the trimmed lattice lines result is tiny fragments along the edge at certain cylinder radius values.

The quick fix is to adjust the strut radius if you can live with that…

Hey Brian,

Thanks for the answer. I took an alternative method of construction a rectangular lattice framework and trimmed the structure after applying multipipe. This gave me a better structure than expected.

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