Solid Intersection doesn't work on one specific set when the rest works fine

Solid intersection (517.6 KB)


Hi I have about 104 geometries and I want to give it a tolerance(0.1mm) so that it will fit into each holes nicely.

Out of 104 geometries, two sets(identical, but mirrored) is keep failing solid intersection.

I have tried many things but haven’t figured out the reason for it…

Please help me identify the problem. Thanks ahead. :slight_smile:

It is difficult to say why it doesn’t work. Most likely due to the fillet.

How did you create the base surface for your cutter? Any chance you could provide that surface?

Right where the arrows are… this can cause problems…

@martinsiegrist Yes I am sure it is because of the fillet.

When I do the cutting without the fillet, all the pieces work but I still don’t understand why just these two don’t work.

Hmm could you elaborate on the arrow part?

Base surface? It is a cut away from the smooth surface. Think of it as an intersection from a ball.

I can look at this but I need the surfaces you used to create the cutter. The light blue part in your GH file. How did you make that?


I extruded petal curve and capped it in GH

??? The red shape on my screenshot. How did you create it? And hoe did you make the fillet?

You need to provide the relevant geometry.

I am pulling the file up to deliver the screenshot but it takes a bit… I will deliver once it opens up.

Basically, I have a hollow ball, placed the petal curve at a surface, made an extrusion with a cap, then interseciton.

It’s like this. I will try to rearrange the surface and try if it fixes the problem.

Unfortunately the screenshots don’t help.

Okay… still thanks for the help! I will look more into it.

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