Solid fillets

I have an solid object and trying to fillet edges. The first problem is some extra objects appears at the corner. The second problem is then fillets are appears but the old sharp corners stay at the same place. How to fix it? Thanks!

Hi Alexey - the little skinny surface is the problem, as you’ve guessed. I would look at the input curves and see if they can be cleaned up - or, depending on how the object was made, make sure that the closed inputs curve seams line up on the corner.

The underlying problem is that FilletEdge, the solids filleter, cannot jump across to a surface that is not attached to the selected edge. If that skinny surface must be there, then you’ll need to use FilletSrf (surface to surface) to jump across that little surface.

Thanks for advice. I solved the problem with less fillet radius. But, it’s hard to say “solved”. It’s not what I needed (I was needed bigger radius), but, at least, something.

Yep - FilletSrf is your friend here, if you cannot build the object without the small surface.