Solid difference

I am trying to create solid difference between this rectangular geometry and the zigzag stripes. it is not working with all the stripes(it misses like 38 ), i tried in rhino , converting to mesh , tried editable poly in 3ds max but the same problem.
Maybe it is something due to the tolerance but I am still not able to fix that.
I have internalized the 2 geometries in case it asks for downloading plugins.
Thanks. (18.9 MB)

I have also noticed that the lofted stripes that aren’t working they seem to be more transperant than the working ones (desoite both of them are closed solid polysurfaces).

some of the strips have inverted normals as it seems.

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That’s true , I later noticed that so it works with solid intersection instead. I realized that the boolean works for individuals or each 3 stripes in rhino, but trying to do many stripes together at the same time doesn’t work.