Solid Difference fails - fails to identify BREP

Dear all,

First time poster here, and first time working on a ‘complex’ model, so apologies if the grasshopper file is hard to follow (or questionable logic to achieve the result).

Effectively, I have two geometries that I am trying to Solid Difference (I believe this is the grasshopper equivalent of Boolean Difference?): in this case, I am trying to subtract the long ellipse shape from the twisting tower, in order to leave a hollow tunnel. From what I understand, the error is that the tower is not a BREP (it seems to be a group of surfaces?)

I would really appreciate some help with understanding how to get the tower to be a BREP, or whatever else I need to do in order for this operation to work,

Thanks! (20.9 KB)


You don’t need to use Group component.
Please check the attached file. (15.4 KB)

Hi Reo,

That’s perfect, thank you!