Solid Difference Failed

I want to do ‘Solid Difference’ a wall from rectangular pipe, so that the wall looks like it’s made of beveled bricks stacked. But it does not work. Any suggestion? (123.4 KB)

What you are trying to do is problematic. The result of the pipe component are 359 pipes which are partially coincident at the ends. This causes the solid difference to fail.

One way to fix your problem is to place speheres on all curve ends with duplicate points removed. The spheres would need to be slightly bigger than your pipes, let’s say 2.1 radius instead of 2.0

First of all you can subtract all spheres from the wall, once that is done subtract the pipes.

The result is one closed polysurface. On my workstation it took 10 minutes. It’s a strong workstation but I have several other projects open so I’m not sure how heavy of an operation it really is. (131.8 KB)


Thank you so much you are my life saver! This is exactly what I need. I just need to Polar Array this object to move forward.

Did your laptop come back to life?

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