Solid difference doing irregular sections, troubling nest with opennest

Hello everyone,

I am trying to do a solid difference between the shapes and pipes, but i am having some troubles as you can see in the images. Don’t really know why it is happening since the whole geometry seems fine.

Also I am having trouble to put the pieces holes into their correspondent shape on opennest. I tried 3 different methods and they are all going wrong. Maybe is because of the geometry issues I am having when do the solid difference. (108.7 KB)

for the top part I think it’s ok to retrieve the Bottom facing surfaces, but for the bottom part I think you need the Top ones (the only difference is on the biggest and most outward element of both, for which the pipes do not create a pass-through hole)

the nesting looks good, there are just those little circles due to the pipes not fully compenetrating the most outward block in both direction, so the bottom/top surfaces of those blind holes are also retrieved by the SrfDir clusters (123.2 KB)

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nice man thanks! going further on after your file, I was trying to enumerate the pieces, but it got messy, I tried sorting the list in Z direction before connecting it to open nest plugin and this in the photo happened.

All I wanted now is to be able to number the curves according to its Z position, so if I have more than one piece it will name for example ‘2a’ and ‘2b’. (107.1 KB)

You think is possible to do this in grasshopper or I will have to start to code to do it?

here it is: (135.5 KB)

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jeeeess man, you freaking rock! thanks a lot! I really thought it would only be possible with scripting!

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