Solid added to wall retains source layer colour, doesn't take on wall colour

At 6:10 in the Savoie Terrace Level Walls tutorial video, vaAddSolid adds a red solid polysurface cap/cornice (colour set to “by layer,” on red Auxiliary Curves layer) to a wall. The added solid takes on the same colour as the wall in the video. When I do it, the solid retains the red colour from the source layer.

Hi @djhg,

Yes, you’re right, in VisualARQ 2 we respect the layer of the added solid. We don’t know which is the best solution, but now it is possible to add two different solids using a different layer, which it was not possible before.

My idea is to enable a “By Parent” layer, so if a solid lies in the “By Parent” layer, it will use the layer where the wall is. Does this sound good to you?



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Not clear what you are suggesting, Enric. Is it possible within the current setup (so I can try it now)?