Software used to create this online 3d

I know this is off topic but this is best place to start - do you know what software was used to create this?
I have a client that needs similar … many thanks as always

Looks like that is created with Verge3D: an artist-friendly toolkit for 3D web experiences – Soft8Soft

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sorry to join in this way, but…

I was wondering if is there any opensource software (like Blender, Gimp…) to create web based 3D configurators (using my own server)

You can build something like that using Shapediver fairly easily.


Hey, Verge3D works great using Blender to author the scenes which you can upload.

Check out their site. It uses three.js under the hood, but is sold as an artist friendly toolkit to make interactive content for the web.

I own a licence, and personally can’t recommend it enough.

Opensource? If you can code: Three.js. It runs just on your browser, which makes it really fast. Haven’t seen anything better than that (maybe Babylon.js). Normal configurators are often easier to use, but have many limitations or they are expensive or they are slow, because they require connection with server everytime you change input.

Three.js example:

Sure you can code your own but I’d say depending on what you want to do it’s going to be an awful lot of programming. I’ve tried Verge3D a while back and it works really well, their pricing seems reasonable.
Also it will give you the opportunity to make models work with AR on phones.
The plug-in works seamlessly with Blender. The advantage is that you can make animations relatively quickly. The downside of course is you need to learn both Blender and Verge3D. Their Blender tutorials are very well made though.
If you already work with grasshopper Shapediver might bring you to your goal sooner.

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