Software to draw interactive blobs like grasshopper groups?

Hi All,
I´m drawing a kind of complex diagram-graph. From now I´ve used yEd and the results were ok, but now I´d like to draw some “blobs” around the graph nodes AND I would very much like the blobs to remain stable linked to the nodes I assign them to just like the groups in our beloved grasshopper work…
I´d even thought of “drawing” said graph in grasshopper, but I think though fun, it would not come so right.
Any ideas? I know Inkscape and so on can indeed draw blobs, but I want to move the nodes and KEEP the blobs…

Thanks in advance!

Visio ?

You mean the containers? These “rounded square” forms I can already get in yED, I’m looking for the “tensioned blobs” in the way that they as metaballs remain active even if the nodes are torn apart.

I don’t think I fully understand what you want. Could you post some illustrations? (11.0 KB)
Here’s one way to contour a distance function from curves.
This way of using meshes is easy though it isn’t the fastest way to do this - if you want something quicker you might want to write something for contouring a scalar field.

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Interesting solution with the mesh intersection, Daniel.

MetaBalls would be another way…

Just played around with this. Different number of divisions on the line, plus a single point.

Hi @martinsiegrist and @DanielPiker, thanks for the imput!
I´m trying to achieve precisely that BUT in a diagraming/graphing software (like yED, inkscape, etc, not in grasshopper/rhino :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Well, you know, it wasn’t so clear, since you are asking in the Rhino/Grasshopper forum!
I’m not so familiar with the other software you mention, but if they support plugins or their own scripting language maybe you can use similar logic to what is shown above. If your question is about using built in tools in that software, presumably asking on their forums will be more useful.

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