Softening edges

Hi All,

I would like to softening edges of some solid in grasshopper. I can’t find the command, either in RhynoPython syntax. There is some way to do this or it is a limitation?


Please be a bit specific about what soften means and what solid means. Is solid a mesh, a surface, a brep. Do you mean to smooth a mesh or to fillet a brep edge, or something else. Images and files also help.

Hi Michael,
thank you very much for your message.
That’s’ my problem.
I’m looking for a workaround to create a Visualarq style with the option to softening edges the objects. This option is not yet implemented inside Visualarq but:
after have created the Va object inside Rhino, this object for Rhino is a block. If I edit the block in place and I give to its subobjects the softening edge option, then I close the block, all it works perfectly! I have my Visualrq object with softening edges.
Now the issue: I don’t want to do all this work for all the objects of the model, so I need to create, if possible, a Visualarq style with the softening edges option or save the new object I’ve created as a new Va style, or, that’s why my question here, try to create a new Va style from grasshopper that will include the softening edges option. So I’m asking if there is, maybe with python or other, to have the softening edges option inside grasshopper (for a brep).
I know that probably this workaround it doesn’t exist and I need to wait for Asuni will upgrade the style creation with this option, but never say never…