Soften polygon

Hi all,

I want to ‘soften’ a polygon.
The obvious solution was to create an interpolation curve (green) using the initial polygon’s vertices. The problem is that you dont have control over how much ‘pointiness’ you can give to it.
I tried tweening the two curves with pufferfish (orange) but still I cannot have a lot of pointiness before the curve touches the boundaries.
(ideally, the produced curve should start as a blob and become pointy only at the very limit of touching the initial polygon).

I then tried PWK curve but to be honest, I don’t even have the slightest idea what a knot vector is.
any ideas?

rounded (16.7 KB)

Try Pufferfish’s Prude Curve and Play with the bulge option. Is that what you mean?

Also, that isn’t Pufferfish you are using. That’s the native gh tween. Try will Pufferfish Tween Two Curves and set the refit value to something like 3. Again not exactly sure what you are after but I guess it’s like a sharper rounded polygon.