Soften make2d lines

Hi people,

I’ve got a model which is very porous because of the height field mapping, now Ive extracted the contour lines but the lines seem to follow every pours bit of the model which ends up with them being not smooth at all (see img below) how can make the lines more soft, rebuild dosent seem to work.


Hello - try CurveThroughPolyline> Deggree=3 CurveType=Interpolated (though in this case, CurveType=ControlPoint might be just fine - try both) Be prepared for your file size to grow though…


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thanks I tried it but it didnt really smoothen it out but made it just less pointy. Is there a way I could perhaps smoothen the mesh surface from the pores before I contour?.

Hi Diana - you could try ReduceMesh


Hi @diana.daoud

Rebuild should work, I think. Make sure that you set the degree to 3, so that the curves become smooth, rather than polylines. Also, you probably need to rebuild the curves in groups, so that the point count is reasonable compared to the complexity of the curve.

HTH, Jakob


There is also the Smooth command you could try


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thanks, this helped alot!

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