SoftEditSrf - boundary lines

Hey guys!! First - i´m sorry for my bad english

I want to make a “hilly landscape” from my surface. So i found the command: SoftEditSrf which seems perfect. On the mcneel tutorial, there is a command like “repair boundary lines”. This work with square sufaces. But witch my Surface, its not working - the “mesh” is bigger then my surface. So is there any possibility to change the high of my surface, but not the high of the boundary lines?

hope you can got me! Would be very awefull if you can help me!! :slight_smile: Gretings felix

Hi Felix - no, as you see ‘soft editing’ will not work here if the edges must remain level - the underlying surface will pull away from the edges. However, if the vertical edge surfaces can undulate with the hills, then you can untrim the patch surface, extrnd the vertical surfaces through it and re -trim everything.