SoftEditCrv Mesh Snapping


I’ve been drawing some curves on a mesh using the command “PolylineOnMesh” (my ultimate goal is to split the mesh into one or more pieces using the command “SplitMeshWithCurve”).

Now, when I use “PolylineOnMesh” I often want to adjust the shape of the curve that I’ve just drawn. So I usually adjust it using “SoftEditCrv”. This prompts me to select the curve, and then repeatedly prompts for points on the curve which I can then move around. The only problem is when I move the points, they need to snap to the mesh. So to accomplish that, I enter “PersistentOnMesh” and then select the mesh. After that, any selected points should stay on the mesh.

The trouble is that after I’ve moved the first point (which definately snaps to the mesh), the next point that I select does not snap to the mesh. It appears that the persistent mesh snap doesn’t work for every point. So I have to go through the very tedious process of re-enabling mesh snapping for each point.

So, is this a problem that McNeel needs to fix? Or am I doing something wrong? I’ve already thought about trying to write a VB script that overcomes this problem, but I can’t quite figure out how to write it.

Can anyone help with this?



@mikko , is this something you can help with?