SoftEditCrv bug?

SoftEditCrv is not working as advertised for me.
Version 5 SR11 64-bit (5.11.50107.14545, 1/7/2015)

I start SoftEditCrv, click on a curve, click on the base point on the curve. Then I drag the base point. The curve only moves only a fraction of the distance which the cursor moves. In order to move the base point location to a new point I have to drag past the new point. This is fundamentally different than the description and animation in Help for SoftEditCrv. The animation shows the curve moving with the cursor. It also means SoftEditCrv is not particularly useful for editing a curve so that it goes through a desired point.

SoftEditSrf has the same problem.

Hi David- thanks, I’ll take a look- I think this depends a lot on the density of the points in the curve.


If SoftEditCrv is as advertised then the density of points in the curve should only affect the minimum distance which can be altered - the closer together the points the smaller the distance can be.

Hi David - It looks like the animation in Help shows the same thing, only not very extreme- the larger the ‘Distance’ is set and the higher the point density, the closer the cursor is to the curve, but it is never on it as far as I can see. Not saying this is how it should be or anything, but it does seem ‘correct’ as far as the little video clip goes.


I had another look at the animation and agree that the cursor in the animation does not stay exactly on the curve. So there isn’t a bug.

However the command would be more useful if the cursor did stay exactly on the curve. That would make it much easier to edit a curve so that it passed through a desired point without introducing the wiggles which result when a single edit point is moved. It would take a small bit of coding to enable. I’d be glad to talk to someone about how it could be done.

GIF 14-12-2020 15-12-46

I get a bit confused by this too. It’s a big difference from the clicked point here. The mixed terminology of offset point and distance point gives false hope too - as though setting offset to 0 would remove the changed distance from the initial picked point.