Soft Transform - Topology Distance

Might be a stretch. A ‘topology’ soft transform option, which only transforms something within the soft transform radius if a path of the length required could be reached along the object. See above, the far faces are conected to the near ones. They’re within the radius, but the shortest path would be further than the radius. So to more affect nearby faces in the near region, I would have to transform some faces of the far area, as seen in the gif.

For anyone who’s used zbrush, this would be like the difference between ‘Move’ and ‘Move topological’ brushes.

Currently, the workaround is to temporarily divide something into two with ExtractSurface.

Thanks for the request @Jonathan_Hutchinson
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Thanks @Jussi_Aaltonen . Hope the explanation is clear.

Also Jussi - in SoftTransform, when picking a ‘radius’ with the red sphere, it is not possible to ‘escape’ with Esc from the command in normal rhino fashion.

And one more thing… Slide doesn’t seem to work SoftTransform yet either. That could be nice, perhaps.

Logged RH-61198 SoftTransform: ESC does not cancel radius picking

What would you prefer to happen? How would the SoftTransform affect Slide?

The points/edges being ‘slid’, would affect nearby vertices/edges within the radius, smoothly moving at the different vectors for each one (as the slide command does)

When I think about it, I guess all the different vectors / different falloffs would get very mixed up. So probably more complicated than it would be worth.

Hi Jussi, this is probably a simpler explanation of a case for SoftTransform with a Topological option (or a more technically correct description). Being able to just affect the adjacent connected faces within the specified radius.

example of soft-t-topological.3dm (285.6 KB)

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Don’t worry about the complication :slight_smile: So selected loops should slide as they do now without the soft transform. And then neighboring loops should slide according to their distance from the selected loops? Or would you expect slide amount differ within a single loop?

Well, if you think this would not be useful at all then we should probably skip it.

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I can think of cases it could be useful - sliding a circular loop, then neighbouring loops slide softly nearby.

SoftTransform with topological option would be a much more useful thing in any case I feel.

So increasing the SoftTransform radius in topological mode would behave like this:

First surroundings for the point on the same side of the band:

Then extending to overt the edges to the other side

And slowly advancing along the band


Precisely! :slightly_smiling_face:

Well, almost - the other side of the band would be covered within the first screenshot. But now I see it, I suppose that would make the ‘logic’ behind it not quite so simple.

That sounds like a distance measured in the volume of mesh, right? My demonstration measures the distance on the surface of the mesh.

By volume sounds more correct yes! I guess it’s like a combination of by volume and by distance isn’t it.

Side note, ExtractPt doesn’t work on: SubObject selections of vertices, seems okay for selected control points. I tried to do that on that file and nearly killed my system drawing 4million points when I thought i was getting 60 :sweat_smile:

If you pre-select those vertices then ExtractPt gives you the points. I filed YT for post-selection support:

Hej @Jussi_Aaltonen,

Hoping you’re well. What do you think to adding a freeze border option in soft transform? So when activating SoftTransform, FreezeNakedEdges=Yes / No (FreezeBorder or whatever is most appropriate).

Similar to in smooth and other such commands.

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Hi @Jonathan_Hutchinson,

I logged that as a new feature request: RH-61808 SoftTransform: Freeze border option

Let’s see if we get others interested as well :slight_smile:

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RH-61808 is fixed in the latest WIP

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