Soft edge issue


I often have the following problem :
When I open a project, I get the message in the command line:

"The edges could not be softened because the softening radius is too large."

Actual this will appear multiple times (see pic.)
I now have 2 problems:

  1. I do not exactly know, which objects are causing problems, so I cannot do anything but try to apply soft edges all over again and try to visually check if this worked or not( not really an option for mid. or big projects)

  2. I think there should be a rhino warning initially when you first apply the soft edge function to an object, because otherwise you will just not notice, especially for these small radiuses, which I use for the majority of my objects.

Is there a possibility to create something like “select all soft edged Objects which failed” ?

thank you for your feedback



I’ve added a request to add this sort of feedback to a future version of this tool.

Hi Andreas - I do not, so far, see a way to identify objects with edge softening, say in a script, for a short term solution. I have run into this myself and it would indeed be a good thing. I’ll poke some more at it but I suspect it will have to wait for a real implementation. I see John has added a bug report for it.


When the developer gets a look at it, he may change the visibility from “Developers” to everyone.

Thanks guys! I really appreciate it.

Hi @walther,

I completely agree with you. I’ve set the YouTrack item to public, so you can follow along. It’s slated for v7: