Snapshots - Won't Work when with Control Point edits

I’m diving into Snapshots on a job.

It seems it will not work if I make changes to something by using Control Points or Solid Control Points.

It will work if I use 2D(and assuming 3D) scale tool, but that’s not helpful in some instances (If I use history to slab crvs into walls, etc.)

Anyone have the same problem?

Hi Alan - that is not supported as far as I can see.


Thanks @pascal I know this is an old topic, but the more I’m using Snapshots, adding control point capability would be extremely useful. Particularly when using rhino curves as a base of a grasshopper definition, which is a very popular and common workflow. There is an obvious workaround that is creating points and then referencing them into grasshopper and creating a curve using them as control points in gh. However it would be better to be able to do it directly in rhino as control points of a curve or surface as you can see the display the curve preview
(in yellow) when moving the control point in real time no possible in grasshopper*. Also being able to control ‘control points’ using the box edit tab would be incredible useful. Guess the root of both processes (1. control point locations in snapshots 2. editing control points locations with box edit) not being doable in rhino is the same?

How hard would it be implement this in R7? It would be very very useful.


*With grasshopper you only get the final result of the curve after dragging the control point, can’t see the preview while dragging. Plus the annoyance to have to reference in the points in the right order.