Snapshots inconsistency



Any ideas as to what causes the flicker in the line width at the end when this object is animated using snapshots?


@okeating Could you send the model so we can have a look?


SnapshotFlicker.3dm (2.9 MB)
Here’s the model


Sorry for the late reply.

We are unable to reproduce the problem.

  1. Could you send us your system details. Run the SystemInfo command.
  2. Could you export and send us the settings of the display mode you are using. From the main menu: Rhinoceros>Preferences… Press the Display Modes icon. Select the display mode from the list and use the export functionality from the Gear button.



Here’s the system info and the display mode.
SystemInfo.txt (3.0 KB)
TechArt.ini (6.3 KB)


@okeating Thanks for the files. We managed to reproduce the bug and fixed it.