Snapshots in rhino mac

is Snapshots in the works for mac 6 ?

It is included in the WIP: right sidebar Panels/Snapshots.

I have a related question: is it possible to place a snapshot on a Layout?

cool ! thnx @furtonb

have v6 windows currently & considering getting a mac Lic as well
but wanna see how it is coming along first.

guess outta luck FTM ; )

then you have a v6 mac license, too.
There´s just one – a combined v6 license.

I think you need 2 separate Lic
my windows Lic starts with RH_ _ and Mac Lic usually starts with MR_ _

At this point, that’s only true for new licenses of Rhino 6 for Windows (i.e. not an upgrade from RH5).
If you have such new license, you can request a RH5 for Mac key here:

that will then allow you to test RH6 for Mac.

I’m not sure what that means. Can you provide more information?

wow !!! you guys are amazing! got the mac Lic working & on my way to test wip 6 mac.

thnx @wim & the entire rhino team!

with much appreciation!

Hi wim,

I think what I was thinking about is to start using Snapshots on Layouts in a similar manner as ARCHICAD uses Views – if you are familiar with it, if not, nevermind. To apply layer sets, hide individual objects, override certain properties (colour, linetype…), etc., but then I realised, I haven’t played enough with it to properly understand whether I got the idea of Snapshots or not.

I just cannot test it at the moment as the latest update crippled my RhinoWIP install, it’s very unstable and Layouts won’t load at all now. When I can get it to work again (or if it’s fixed), I will get back to this topic!

For the time being, I see that Snapshots do not record the layer states of details on a layout.
I have created a bug report for this issue - RH-49402.

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