Snapshots don't restore material opacity

I was always scared of snapshots. Finally, I had to use them but unfortunately, they failed instantaneously. Snapshots don’t restore material opacity correctly. Please see the video to check how it can be reproduced.

I’m using Rhino 7.16.22053

snapshot.3dm (437.8 KB)

Does it work any better if you also check Materials in the snapshot saving dialog, not just the material assignments?

@lars will know better how this is supposed to work.

Ah sorry, I totally missed this option and only focused on the first one. Yes, it works now.
I guess it’s maybe not a bug anymore, but the operation I did leads to strange results where I have more copies of the rendering material internally and they appear as the same material.

Anyway, I’m probably too dumb for the Snapshots or they don’t provide the functionality I’m looking for.
I only want one material to change its properties and freely work on other materials - other materials shouldn’t be modified by the snapshots. As soon as I modify other material I am in a different model state and I lose those changes by returning to the previous Snapshot.

In short: Snapshots only for selected is what I need.