Snapshot Thumbnails

Any idea why I have the word TEST in my snapshot thumbnails?


That looks like a text dot… does SelDot select anything in the model? If it does, use Hide on it and save a new snapshot to test that… um… test is not there.

SelDot says nothing added to selection

Okay, can you post the 3dm? I’ll take a look.

COUNTERS 004.3dm (11.6 MB)

Hm. I can’t make it go away in this file or any file based on it, but I cannot make it happen from scratch either.

@lars - do you have an idea?


There is a text dot in the 11x17 layout page which is causing the text TEST to show up in the thumbnail.

Thanks. Any way to prevent that. What does a page layout have to do with a snapshot if the snapshot was created in model space?


Has anyone figured out yet why a text dot that’s in a layout shows up in a snapshot created in model space. Is this a bug or a feature? It seems inconvenient at best.


It’s a bug - I just fixed it. The fix will be in Service Release 9

Now THAT’S service! Thanks!