Snaps have gone very weak


Snaps have lost their snap, I have to oh so carefully move within a gnats whisker knowing there is a snap, to see it indicated,

e.g T shape from Two lines , should see Int, the two lines are definitely touching, yet the normal snap power is lacking.

have rebooted Rhino yet still same.

a real killer of a problem !


DocumentProperties (or Properties from the File drop-down menu) > Modeling Aids > Object Snaps > Snap Radius and set the snap radius to your desired number of pixels.

Some places its snapping quite normally then I come to one where it should snap and its as if snap has turned off…


Can you post the file and maybe circle the problem area?

I had similar problem in Rhino 4, where the cursor would snap to the snap point but when Left clicked it would unsnap and register some random point in space next to the snap point. As far as I remember the problem went away after updates.

example attached. I was using dims aligned, did the first 17mm one, then expecting the next, heading in a south east direction…to also be 17mm i cant get Int snap, yet if I select the circle and the line and run intersect, I get a point occur, 2 in fact.

why is this intersect not giving int ?
int snap fail.3dm (37.0 KB)

works fine here.

Hi, Can you try that with all osnaps on except Cen Tan Vertex, and the project off and obviously disabled off.

when I have just Int on, I can get near and wham, snappo to both, but in the tick config above, wham to first, and sod all to second, unless I move in v v stupidly close then int appears, its giving me perp normally.

also without starting the Aligned dim command , i am getting same Int snap to both, then I try linear dim, also ok, then try aligned dim and snappo to first and nothing much for second.

what is going on ?

Wish I was knowledgeable on how to get Jing available into the post ! I can film Jing, just not sussed posting it yet !


Yep, with all those osnaps on Int barely works when zoomed out. Works as intended when zoomed in. Feels like Perp and Near are prioritized over Int when zoomed out. It probably has something to do with snap radius + zoom factor. Maybe even document tolerance.

Yup, thats it, now I have never before come across this,

To have it repeatable is a joy.

could someone at McNeel explain why Int becomes inoperative of sorts, given this configuration, remember its ok with linear dim, not ok with aligned dim unless one zooms RIGHT IN…and that I am told is wrong, zooming in to perform such, in another thread. Osnaps should be dependable.


on a side note Asterisk, how does one post a jing here ?


Perp is causing the problem here.

You can’t keep nearly all the snaps on and expect them to magically know which snap you want in every situation.

I recommend keeping the bare minimum for the work you’re doing at the time, it will make your life easier and your work less prone to errors. And I really suggest keeping near off except when needed.

Also read the help on object snaps for how to use one shot and reference snaps.

Upload it to your account with the upload button. When it is finished uploading, the url link will be automatically placed on the clipboard. Use ctrl+V to paste it here in a message window, or use the link function in discourse and paste the url in there.


Gotta register on (FREE)
Download and install Jing.
Click appropriate buttons in Jing to record, upload and just paste the link here in reply.


why does it behave for linear dim and act up for second click in aligned dim ?

thanks for jing advice


It doesn’t work as second point for linear dim, either. Perp is the problem - if you read the help, it says, “The Perpendicular object snap is not effective for the first point for a command.” That’s why you don’t have a problem selecting it as the first point with the int.

The first dimension location is the center of the circle, every point along the circle is perpendicular to the center, so you are getting a perp snap everywhere. Just turn perp off.