Snapping to curve being drawn


I am tracing dense pointclouds, and I would like to snap to the elements of the curve that I am drawing. So that I can avoid the need to snap to the PTcloud if possible.

eg. when tracing ground floors in 3d and such.

Generally the snapping to the PTcloud objects is very slow so the drawing experience is tedious.


HI Daniel - I’m not sure I know what you mean here … but the general complaint is that snapping to points in a large point cloud is slow, correct?


I know it sounds strange… but what i mean is:

when you draw a polyline, or a long curve or such, one can’t snap to the parts that are already drawn/visible in the viewport before the command is completed. Not sure how easy it is but generally don’t see a reason why the object currently being created should not be snapp-able .

well… near snap on a curve sort of creates a strange situation, but near snap on already drawn polyline segments, or end snap would work ok.

I re-posted that snap issue here, it fits that thread better:

but yes, right now, point snap is having a hard time with dense PTclouds


Hi Daniel - I see - you can snap back to previously placed points, but during the command, the curve you are drawing does not exist yet as far as the Rhino document is concerned - there is nothing to snap to until it is added to the document at the end of the command, if you see what I mean.


you are right points work, thanks, but if you sketch curves on ptClouds, point snap is not really an option :slight_smile:

it happened to me before, sometimes one would like to reference a perpendicular or grab(+tab) a point along a segment for the next point, but it is not possible during command.

guess that is just how it works!

I also would find it helpful to be able to snap to the curve/polyline as it is being drawn, most times maintly as a tab direction lock etc. Still find myself often trying to do this as I draw, after so many years of using Rhino…