Snapping to clipped off surface edges in paper space through detail view

This no longer works in R6. R5 will allow snapping as if surface edges were exposed.

I’ve been sharing the same issue. When creating a set of construction drawings at our company, we add column lines and level markers. To add column lines and level markers on plans/elevations, we typically would extrude curves representing the column lines and add surfaces on a reference layer that would not print (in R5). That way, if we used clipping planes to create a reflected celing plan or elevate a wall anywhere on the interior of the building, we could snap to those lines in layout and get accurate column lines and level markers throughout the set. Unfortunately, near snap does not appear to work any longer in the same fashion in R6 as it did in R5. See screenshot below, showing dark lines where the surfaces are being intersected by the clipping planes. Near snap does not recognize these at all.

I feel yet another option coming on.


Oh the beneficial bugs of R5… How good they were… :grin:

Lol all this time and I thought that something that turned out to be a bug was actually something the developers intended to happen… :man_facepalming: