Snapping point color change to object color

It might have been like that for a while but I just noticed (latest BETA) that the Osnap point color flickers between the default and object color or selection color of that is being snapped to. Once it shows in the object color or selection highlight color (non-back) - many times it is hard to distinguish the snap point. Is this by design or a bug? Can anyone else see that?


I see the changing color, yes. But I’m not sure what you mean by “default” and “selection color”. Here, the cursor has the color of the active layer when it’s not snapping and turns into the display color of the object being snapped to.

hi @wim,

by “default” I meant current layer color.
As for “selection”, notice if you are snapping to the object that is being selected, the snapping point becomes the selection highlight color, that’s what I meant.

This is a different behavior than in V5 and before where the snapping point didn’t change the color to what is being snapped to. Now I many times find it hard to find the point since it blends with the edges too much, especially for brighter colors where the white point center and color don’t have too much contrast.
@Pascal, do you know if that was an intentional “improvement”? Any chance to have this as an option to keep it the way it used to be and easy on the eyes ?



Hey guys, I am being dense about this one - if I run the Point command with End osnap on and hover near blue and a red curve endpoints, I do not see the cursor’s blip change color to match the curve being snapped… it is always the current layer color - you see something different, right?


Hi Pascal,

yes, here in V6 the snapped point always changes the color to what is being snapped to, icluding selection highlight color if snapping to selected. Any command (point, line etc…).
V5 acts as you described.


I see what Jarek sees - with the sole exception that if you snap to a point on a curve that has its points being turned on after having been selected (but not necessarily still is), the color of the pointer is always the current layer color.

No snapping:

Snapping to the curve:

Snapping to the point of the curve:

Hey all, yeah, sorry, I do see this. Now… is it actually a bad thing?


For me personally yes, but maybe my eyes are just getting old.

My eyes must be older, then. I find that snap point so small that I can barely make out any color on it…

Haha, lucky me then. I can see the point much better when there is white pixel next to darker color pixel, it makes sure no matter what edge color or background the point is over, it stays visible (assuming the current layer color is sufficiently dark…)

Yes, I see that for the selection color especially it is indeed harder to see. (I also notice that on snapping the second point on a line to a selected object., the base point also changes to selection color. No harm done I suppose but new and different as well. I’ll see if we can tune this up.
Thanks, all.


Thanks for that screenshot - now I see what you mean.
Trying here with the default selection color (yellow), I would also find it impossible to work with that. I’ve had mine set to pink and that seems to give enough contrast to always see some white in the middle of the pointer.

@pascal, unless I’ve overlooked something, I take it that it’s not possible to change the style of that pointer anywhere (increase size / change square to round)? I suppose if it followed the settings in the display mode’s control point style, it would be easier for the user to get it to one’s liking…

Hi Pascal - thanks - I don’t see the base point color changing behavior here, only the snapping point. Anyway, thanks for looking at this and hope it can get tweaked back.


Well, in that picture I just posted, you can see that the base point has turned pink - the same as the snapping point. But, yes, in your screenshot that’s not happening… Weird…

It seems to me that this problem is as much about the size of the blip as the color. It used to be that Rhino ran on 640x480 screens with the same size blip. What if the blip just got bigger?


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Also, I think the center of the blip should be viewport background color, so that the first post looks like this:


It may also be that the special case of having an object be selected should not use the selection color for the blip, but instead the underlying object’s draw color. But the advantage of having the blip be the same color as the objects being snapped to is that in a crowded scene, it’s easier to differentiate what is being snapped to. In this case, if the blip drew green (because the box is green) that might not be awful.

Hi Brian,

I run standard resolution screen (1920x1200) and the size is not an issue. Maybe for bigger screens the size control would be needed.
I think contrast is the key, so no matter what color the background or edge is, you can clearly see it.
It was a non-issue before and I would not think of tweaking it, so I vote for keeping V5 behavior.


Hi Jarek, all - as of now this is fixed (v5 style) in 6.1; I think it is likely that 6.1 will be hard on the heels of the 6.0 release , we just had to cut things off somewhere.


Thanks Pascal. Also, always good to learn a new idiom :slight_smile: