Snapping appears to be offset/ object handles not good

Sorry to act like a nube, but it’s not an act.
So I am busy drawing away, trying to learn how to do things in Rhino 6 (weaning off Acad), and stuff starts looking a bit off. I zoom way in, and the exactness of things is missing… or at least I thought it was,… if I zoom in tight and grab an element it blips a handle where I think it should be, but it SHOWS the element offset. I’m was thinking this is some sort of way to allow you to see/ grab things easier,… however, they are measurable separated - I can drop a dim - but its not off by a common amount.
Further - it appears some of my lines are not square. Experience tells me it’s probably operator failure, but it’s not telling me anything more.
If I could figure out how to post a screen clip I would, but that too is eluding me.
Being a nube sucks.

Hello - you can copy/paste images into your message and/or use the upload button above your text (up-arrow) to locate a file, image or Rhnino file, etc to the post.


This drawing: image

This lower hole:

but if I zoom in a little more and try a linear dim, it snaps to the cen of the dia (good), but what is the line on the left? I can’t snap to it. What is the point it’s trying to snap to?

Here is my file. Thank you for your time and knowledge.
17-202 Bruces post drill pattern R-A.3dm (895.7 KB)

Hello - I believe this is probably the same bug discussed at length here:

and added as


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After reading thru the referenced thread it sure sounds like the same thing. Not all of what I read made it thru my compiler to my brain, but enough.
I don’t know whether to feel proud or embarrassed that my simple skill set tripped over this. My predecessor was relieved for his loose approach in drawings. After a couple days I became allergic to his files & have since been starting from scratch - but then some of the issue followed me! Now I wonder if some part of his bad reputation was not earned (I know it was not the largest part of the problem).

I am so glad to know how to use forums.

Thanks for your help!

Rhino object snaps are the thing - there are quite a few of them, not all on the top level Osnap toolbar - hold Shift or Ctrl while hovering over the OSnap box to see others, and/or explore the Tools > Object snap menu…


Wait a minute,… if this is a display/ calculator tessellation thing, why can I snap dims to them?

Not sure what you mean - what are you trying to snap to exactly? The ‘cross hairs’ in the circles are snappable here, The ‘off’ cross hairs when zoomed in appears to be part of a display problem - the grouped lines appear to be ever so slightly to the left of their actual location if you zoom in enough.
Here my viewport is .0001 units high - the End osnap is for the left most line but I am, in screen space quite far to the right with my mouse and the End osnap flag.

So yes, this is a bug and is on the pile to fix. I added a comment for this thread.


As I was trying to figure out what was going on, I was dimentioning some of the anomalies to give it a fuller definition. In tight zooms, I was able to snap to lines that might or might not have been aligned.

Is there a way to control the size of the pick box on your pointer?

Options > Modeling Aids > Snap radius sets the snap radius in pixels

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