Snap to the edge of Mesh

Is there a way to Setup Rhino so that it will snap to the edge of a mesh, currently I can get it snap to the vertex, but not the edge. For instance if I have a point and want to find the perpendicular distance from that point to edge of the mesh it doesn’t seem to find the edge. If it was a surface it finds the edge just fine.

Hi Dennis - nope… not V5, but this is possible in V6. I suppose if the mesh is not too huge you could ExtractWireframe and use Near snapping.


Thanks. ExtractWireframe works for what I need.

Hi Dennis, in case of a huge mesh, you might measure the perpendicular distance to the edge by using the _AlongLine one shot snap using this macro:

! _-Distance _Pause _AlongLine _Pause _Pause _Pause

The first and last point to pick is the point to measure from, the second and third point are the vertices of the mesh edge.


Hi Pascal ,

I am new to mesh’s world and i am facing them for the first time while making practise with the new , amazing , subD menu available on rhino 7 wip. I am also trying to snap to mesh edges but i am not able to make it happen either on RH6 as well as RH7.

I have flagged all possible options on snap bar but there is no way to snap the the edges…would you explain how to turn this option ON on RH7

many thanks


since V6 it is possible to snap to mesh edges (using Near, Int, Perp, Mid snaps I think). It may be disabled by default since it could slow Rhino down quite a bit when working with heavy meshes. Try _SnapToMeshes command to enable/disable it.



thanks Jarek it works. wa disables

kind regards