Snap to immediately visible elements


Is there anyway to have the snap function (snap to end, near, point …) snap to only the elements that are immediately visible in the view port. Lets say I have a cube and want to snap near one of its edges, can I have it snap only to the edges visible in my view port and not to the back edges. In more complex models, the snap function does not work so well because it snaps to miscellaneous things behind what you can actually see. A good example of what I want is the snap function in sketchup- it does not snap to back edges or things that are behind the front and visible geometries.


(Brian James) #2

Not in Rhino 5 but this is being added in v6 as a setting in Options>Modeling Aids>Snap to occluded objects.


This will be better in the next version of Rhino, but doesn’t look like its going to be fixed for V5. --Mitch


is there any way this can be added as an update to rhino 5? I would pay for just this feature

(Nathan 'jesterKing' Letwory) #5

The update to rhino 5 that will contain this feature will be called rhino 6.

(Jakob Normand) #6

HA! Good one! :smiley: