Snap to Foci

I might be the only one asking for such a feature, but what the heck, it would make sense to have ‘Foci’ as a snapping option. No?

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might be weird… there are two foci points for an ellipse so how would it know which one to go to? especially when they’re really close together.

i guess it would have to show both points then as you move the cursor along the ellipse, it would pick the closest one… but i imagine it would still have to show both so the user can see if it’s the right point.

the main consideration would be if it’s worth having another entry in the osnap panel for something that would probably be used very rarely.

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For an ellipse your mouse is always going to be closer to one foci than the other, so the closest one would show up depending on where your mouse is. For circles (which are a type of ellipse), both points are just the center of the circle.

To me it makes total sense. Engineers and designers use foci all the time, so having this option is smart overall for Rhino imho. I’m designing lighting equipment and I’m working with foci every day. Sure, not everyone is going to use it, but that’s true for any feature…

that introduces the chance of an inaccurate snap though… when the points are close together or unless your cursor is obviously on one side, it may look like you’re getting the right one but you’re not… showing both points and highlighting the one the cursor is currently grabbing doesn’t seem too crazy of a technical challenge nor poor UI… idk, my main point was that it should be clear which point is being snapped to-- however the implementation happens.

you’re right… and pretty much what i see with rhino development is basically two things can happen regarding feature requests… 1) the idea gathers steam and more users jump on board asking for such feature… 2) you’ve piqued the interest of a developer in which the steam gathering part might be bypassed.

for me, i’m not saying this is a bad idea or a good idea or anything like that… i’m just interneting :wink:

Snap to foci would be very useful.

Hello- for now, use MarkFoci and then the Point OSnap.


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