Snap to CV on same surface?

I’ve enabled all the snaps I see, what am I missing?

(In case it isn’t clear, I want to snap in the X axis to the cv at the top.)

Hello - use the Tab direction lock for this - start dragging in the direction you want to go, and tap the Tab once key to lock the direction, then snap to that point.
Any luck?

@eobet - fyi, (since I find the snappy gumball not very useful most of the time.)


No, sorry, no luck. I get no reaction from the UI that the tab key did anything.

This kind of snapping works in Autodesk Alias, 3D Studio Max and even Blender, so I was hoping it wouldn’t be any different in Rhino.

Turn on Snappy dragging by right clicking on “Gumball” in the bottom menu

That was the detail I was missing!

Many thanks for pointing it out to me.

It would have been nice if there was a shortcut key to enable “snappy dragging” for the gumball, like holding down control or shift. But perhaps you can assign that yourself somehow?

You can also drag a control point using the mouse cursor.

Interesting update, but I think I prefer the gimball right now, because I can tell by its color which axis I’ve restricted movement to, and in your screencast I could not (for reference, I do use shortcuts in Alias, but when I restrict movement to an axis there, I get a clear line across the screen in the axis color plus a text label near my cursor telling me exactly what is going on, and I prefer to have as much information on screen as possible so there’s no confusion as to what I actually did).