Snap to curves only

Is there something I can do to keep Rhino from snapping to polysurfaces? I want to snap only to curves and points sometimes.

Hi Martin - if you un-check Options > Modeling aids > Snap to filtered objects , then the selection filter will determine what you can snap to. (SelectionFilter command)


Thanks. Unfortunately it doesn’t seem to solve my situation. I have blocks containing multiple chamfered polysurfaces and curves on their original sharp edges. I want to re-arrange those blocks manually by moving and rotating them. I have to select a block, then move it from a point along a curve to another point on a curve.

Hello - yes, I see that filtering for blocks and curves allows edges to be snapped within the block … that seems incorrect to me, though maybe hard to fix, I’d imagine.


I tried with two selection filters, Curves and Blocks for selecting the Block.

Then I deactivated the Block filter and tried to move the whole Block using the Curve as reference. Since the Curve is in the Block, this might not work. Maybe I should have created a group? No it doesn’t work with groups either

If no block is involved , the filtering will work as I described above, but it clearly does not work (as I expect, anyway) if the edges are inside a block and I filter for Curve and Blocks. Snapping finds the edges inside a block as if they are curves.


That’s ok. Thanks for your help! Snapping to a certain color would help in my case :slight_smile:

Tried something else. When I turn off Surface Edges and Surface Isocurves in the Display Mode settings I just see my Curves. But selecting a Curve still shows the not displayed Block as selected geometry

Oh I’m an idiot. Putting the geometries I don’t want to snap to on separate layers would work.