Snap to a apparent intersection

I would like to start drawing, (a curve, solid or plane) from a intersection.How to select the point where a curve or edge intersects the surface of another solid?
For example: I would like to start drawing a polyline at the apparent intersection at the edge of the pink solid and the surface of the grey solid.

Those intersections aren’t calculated on-the-fly so you’ll have to make some temporary helping geometry. Just use IntersectTwoSets to get a curve there that you can snap to.

thanx Wim.
Drawing helping geometry is what I was doing but I figured there would have been an easier solution. Too bad there isn’t.

If you use the Intersect command between the larger horizontal surface and a sub-object selected edge curve, it will create a Point where you need something selectable.

Yes, it’s still creating construction geometry, but it’s pretty quick and not many clicks.

Thanx John, that is another useful tip.