Snap in rhino 6

Hello, why in new rhino snap point is guess work? If i look at cube from top plain and try to snap to corner it picks corner not closer to me but occluded one (snap to occluded objects is disabled), this is very annoying when copying items, and they start zigzagging instead of snapping to same point on same objects.

Hi Tomas,
How far is your object from the origin (in model units)?

It depends, from 10 to 1000. Rhino 5 always snapped to closest point, but in rhino 6 it is random.

Hi - I see this and will file it.
Thanks for reporting!

Filed as RH-51357.

Ok, thanks. But also biggest problem is that it changes. If it would be always same point, it would be less problem because you get consistent result. Now it is random (top or bottom endpoint), and item you copying start jumping depending on height of box.

Yes - I saw that. But it didn’t appear to be box-height specific. It looked like it had more to do with the position of the camera over the scene. At any rate, the developer will take a look.

Yes it is same in all planes, top was just example. Accurate description would be distance between two points.