Smoothing some part of the mesh

I’m using rhino for just 1 week. Actually , i guess, solution of my problem may be very easy.
I want to use rhino in order to smooth my mesh (an embankment area).There are some irregular shape in this project site (trees or some rocks). The intensity of these is not necessary for me. Also, the irregularity make difficult analysis. I want to smooth only the problematical area. In other words, i want to iron some part of my mesh.

Hello - one thought is to turn on the points for the mesh - F10 key, select the points in the area you care about

(SelConnected, SelBrushPoints, Lasso will all be helpful for the selection part )

then run the Smooth command, possibly several times.


Thank you very much Pascal!! This is exactly what i want!


I would like to learn something also. When i smooth the area, so many meshes are shown up. So, i tried to reduce mesh command by using same selection method. But i couldn’t select this part. How can i do this?

Hello - right - ReduceMesh works on the mesh as a whole, not a selection within it.


Hey @Pascal, in Rhino 6 you can actually “lock” the points you don’t want reduced. Nice feature addition!


Hi Jasrek - right! Thanks. I’m sure I knew, or might have known, or should have known, this at some point.


@Jarek thank you. But i can not lock some part of my mesh, also.

hi @alialpersaylan,

It’s a bit tricky because you cannot pre-select the points to be locked, you need to select the meshes first, and then define the points from within the ReduceMesh dialog. While at it, you can still use any Rhino selection tools, like painting, lasso etc.
One thing to note is once the points are locked, the reduction numbers still pertain to the entire mesh, and not only to the unlocked part, so for example if you lock more than 50% of points and try to reduce by more than 50%, the reduction will fail.

@Jussi_Aaltonen - would it make sense for the reported face number and percentage to apply to unlocked points/faces only? Somehow that would seem more intuitive. Or to have some report of how many/what percentage of faces are locked…


Yes, that makes sense. Thanks @Jarek! Filed your request as

Thank you so much @Jarek. You’ve been very helpful :slight_smile: