Smoothing/Joining vertices that collide

Hi I am Max, I am trying to resolve an issue with a procedurally generated form created using a mathematical equation. The construct is essentially a spiralling tube that twists numerous times in the form of the Dequan Li attractor, but with some manipulation and thickness. My issue is that there are multiple points at which the object crosses within itself, creating inner and outer vertices piercing through surfaces and I am trying to produce a form that is viable for 3D printing. Essentially it’s holes need to be filled and its surface unified whilst the interior space gets made into a uniform solid as to not confuse the printer.

Any help in any form is appreciated. The file is rather large but I can upload it if it helps.



Just off the top of my head, I would say that this will probably be easier to do with a mesh part using mesh editing/repair software, the idea being to export as an .stl from Rhino and edit/solidify the mesh using something like NetFabb.

If you have to do this in Rhino/NURBS, you will likely need to split the model into a certain number of parts according to the areas where the model self-intersects, then using the various trim/split/join commands, eliminate the overlapping interior parts in each section, then join all back up into a manifold solid.


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This was my teachers initial recommendation based on industry experience but I was hoping there had to be a better way! I will upload the file now aswell but I appreciate your input Mitch :slight_smile:Chair Fix.3dm (2.3 MB)

Hi Maxxamillian- Rhino is not the tool for this type of mesh operation I’m afraid.


Thanks Pascal, do you know of any others that would suit this operation better?